Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Friday, 13 March 2015

Our wonderful kiddo Jonathan!

We are lucky to have a fantastic class with fantastic kids here in Room 5, and we are so lucky to know a neat boy called Jonathan!
He stayed really calm in an emergency situation at home with his Mummy on the weekend. He called for help from his Dad by using his Mummy's phone,  and he even helped again by talking with doctors and the ambulance staff when people came to help.
He is a true hero, and we burst with pride in him and just think he is a wonderful young man even at the age of 5, and he has a truly lovely Mummy and Daddy and family x

He has helped Room 5 learn about how they can stay calm in emergency situations, and how we can call 1-1-1 and ask for help if we needed it. We will discuss with the children and families how we could help ourselves and others when we might need to.
Well done Jonathan :)

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