Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hot Cross Buns!

Today we made hot cross buns with Room 4! We got to see how bread is made from yeast and flour. We thought that the yeast smelled quite strong and interesting!
We watched yeast activate in water and sugar..... We shared with a buddy about what foods we make at home with our families-a fantastic variety of lots of delicious kinds of foods!
 It got frothy very quickly and so we added flour, cinnamon, mixed spice, salt, sultanas, peel, egg and butter.....

 We kneaded a dough, then watched it GROW!
 When the dough was ready, we rolled out little buns of our own, and then we put them on a tray for Mrs T to bake for a while in the oven....

 When they had baked for a while, Mrs T took them out of the oven and then we piped on a cross on top with flour, baking powder, and water... Then Mrs Taylor baked them again, and then we got to eat them! They were so yummy! We wrote about making them in our writing books, and we sounded out the words we wanted to write really well! Look in our poem books this week for our bunny, chocolate egg, and hot cross bun poems and songs!

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  1. Kids indeed are having loads of fun learning!!! Dhaivik & Dhwani was so excited to help me bake at home... Hats off to Mrs. Taylor!!!