Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Enviroweek continues!

Today we got to paint some Dr Suess characters that will beautify our walls outside Rooms 4 and Room 5.
Mrs Taylor sketched the fish and then painted  the outlines, and we filled in the insides of the fish. We painted the backgrounds with Mrs Taylor and Mrs D'Lima too. We worked very carefully and very slowly! It was fun!
Next week we will do another coat on the yellow poles outside our class, and paint our Cat in the Hat to go on the wall as well.
Mrs D'Lima's class have painted a beautiful bookshelf for outside of Room 5, and we painted the seats in Cat in the Hat colours outside our classrooms also!

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  1. It all looks AMAZING Room 5! Can't wait to see the finished product, you have worked so hard!