Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Monday, 25 May 2015

Cause and Effect

This term we are looking at cause and effect, ie if I do this, then what will happen? (in simplistic terms)
We are becoming scientists who ask questions and then test our guesses to see if we were right, or to test again and wonder why something happened or didn't happen!
We have looked at liquids turning into solids, we have looked at simple electrical circuits, and we have looked at floating and sinking.......
Today we also wanted to see if we could make a piece of bread change and develop bacteria from various places around our classroom!
We love making guesses about what will happen when we do something......
We will generate lots of questions about what other things we would like to explore and discover....

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