Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Rm 5 - Dana Taylor - danat@westernheights.school.nz

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Westlynn Butterfly Garden Trip

We are learning about transformation and how things change. The Junior School went to visit the lovely gardens and wanted to get a close-up look at monarch butterflies.

 We discovered some wooden sculptures of birds up on a tree.......
 We liked finding other interesting artworks around the gardens.
 Why was there so much sawdust on the ground in this pergoda?
 We also went on a New Zealand Native discovery trail to learn more about the trees and plants that grow in New Zealand.
 Zayne's Mum Gitisha helped us to read the signs on the nature trail.

 "Oh dear!" We found a dead rat squashed on the ground! We wondered what had happened to it?

 We loved shouting out every time we found a new sign!
 There was a bunch of bananas in this banana tree! Jahvan found some of the bark of this palm on the ground, and he made a leaf rubbing of it when we did some artwork later in the day.
 Mrs Nummy showed each group where we could find a tiny monarch butterfly egg, a tiny caterpillar munching on a swan plant leaf, a chrysalis, and a butterfly!
 The speck is an egg, and the tiny line next to it is a beautiful caterpillar!
 Heidi's mum Jody helped us to read the signs in the Butterfly Gardens too. We learned that a boy monarch has black spots on the lower wings and a girl doesn't.

 Can you see the butterfly amongst these autumn leaves?

 Do you like our Class Portrait?! We love to make funny faces!!!!

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  1. I am so glad I didn't find the dead squashed rat! But I wish I had seen the bird sculptures up in the tree. I must have not been looking up enough!